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Learn what is causing your wet basement water problems. Find developed and refined solutions to keep your basement dry and healthy. Serving WA since 1996.
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    Drainage & Waterproofing Service

    When it comes to water damage in your basement or crawl space, Perma Dry Waterproofing, serving , has the permanent solution you need to fix at or below grade water problems. We also apply our same common sense approach to resolving issues with cracks in concrete foundations; downspout drains, sump pumps, and yard drainage problems.

    Interior Drainage Systems

    The Perma Dry Waterproofing basement system is designed explicitly for Northwest building practices. It's installed to ensure that the below slab drainage cannot cause mold or air quality issues.

    Exterior Drainage Systems

    If you need a long-lasting solution to basement drainage for your property, call Perma Dry Waterproofing at the first signs of trouble. Exterior drainage diverts water away from your home, protecting it from damage.

    Sump Pump Service

    Our quiet, energy-efficient, and affordable sump pump systems have helped thousands of people drain flooded basements and avoid costly water damages to their home. Protect your basement from flooding.

    Foundation Repair

    Crack injection has been an accepted way of tackling leak and crack repairs on basement foundations and walls for many years without the need for damaging and costly exterior excavation.

    Crawl Space Encapsulation

    This crawl space sealer is securely fashioned to foundation walls and sealed at all edges and overlaps to seal off the moisture from the rest of your home. Your home will be dryer, cleaner, and healthier from the ground up.

    Basement Ventilation Systems

    Ventilation and dehumidification in your basement or crawl space get rid of the excess moisture and humidity that causes mold, dampness, musty odors, as well as chemical contaminants and allergens.

    Have A Wet Basement?

    We have been providing common sense basement drainage systems to WA since 1996, and we offer a full list of interior and exterior drainage solutions to meet your needs.

    Talk To Our Basement Drainage Specialists

    If you have water in your basement, or your planning a remodel in your basement, you'll want to avoid future moisture issues. The first step is to give us a call and speak with a basement water intrusion specialist.

    Schedule An Estimate

    Schedule an inspection and estimate. After inspecting the situation in your basement, we can offer several common-sense solutions to your wet basement issues.

    Schedule Your Repairs

    Servicing the area with some special trips to outlying areas, Perma Dry Waterproofing is a well-regarded drainage and water repair company. We demonstrate the experience and knowledge to prove it.

    When is the best time to have my basement waterproofed?

    The most effective to waterproof a basement is throughout construction. At that time, you can secure the basement and supply appropriate drain at the same time.

    Assuming this is an existing basement I would recommend handling the drainage problems, observing during the wet period what is happening with drain. In the dry season effect the repairs to the drain problems and also water-proof the basement. Ideal way to do this would be to excavate around the basement and apply waterproofing membranes to the outdoors walls with good water drainage at the base.

    You will certainly proceed to have dampness problems if you fall short to attend to the drainage issues. Consider a sump pump and also a dehumidifier with an auto drainpipe.

    Does Perma Dry Waterproofing guarantee their work?
    At Perma Dry Waterproofing, we take the time to assess the problem and determine the best way to solve it. As a result, what we make dry stays dry. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our work that we offer a written guarantee to back it up. Ask your System Design Specialists for a copy of our complete guarantee when we stop by to evaluate your situation.
    What is the best way to waterproof a basement?

    Waterproofing a basement is a really complex issue. Basement water troubles are generally triggered by a high water table, inadequate landscaping, rain gutters without expansions, weak top quality concrete floors, or absence of a drain floor tile system either outside or within the grounds linked to a sump pump.

    Walk your home. Check out the slope of the dirt. It must in all instances incline far from the home for the very first ten feet, including all that brand-new landscape design you just did.

    Straight the water stream numerous feet away from the home and make sure they can be relocated, not gotten rid of, for cutting. They should get the water out at LEAST the very first five, as well as ideally extra, feet from the residence.

    Next, is there a drain system? If not, the possibility exists to install a system either inside or outside. There are disadvantages and advantages to both. An outside system enables the opportunity to apply numerous membranes and finishings to the foundation, some of which case to waterproof the walls, in contrast to water-resistant. The drain tube need to hinge on a prepared trench of gravel. It needs to have fabric over it, followed by gravel. The backfilling procedure requires to be done very carefully.

    An indoor system might need weep holes to be drilled in the cinder block to empty the water collected there. Weep tubes, an interior layer to attempt to water-proof, as well as of course the trench exterior. Both interior and exterior require a sump and a sump pump.

    How do I get rid of dampness in my basement wall?

    Either moisture from the dirt is permeating the walls, or moisture from the air is condensing on them. The very first can be expensive and also difficult to fix, yet really commonly it’s as straightforward as making sure you have operating rain gutters with downspouts that discharge 10 feet or more away from the residence, and also that the dirt adjacent to the home slopes away at a minimum of a 1 in 10 pitch.

    High water tables are another issue totally. That’s almost impossible to take care of in an existing house, however that doesn’t seem like your issue.

    If so, the likely reason of the moisture is damp outside air going into via open windows and condensing on the wall surfaces. It can’t be said commonly adequate – You can’t dry a basement or crawlspace in a warm, damp climate by ventilating with outdoors air. You will only present more moisture that means.

    If there’s no piece or an old split one, the ground is likely taking place gallons of moisture a day that condenses on the walls. Cover the soil with 6 mil plastic, and protect that with several inches of crushed rock covered with a concrete piece. At least do the plastic as well as crushed rock if concrete isn’t in the spending plan.

    Why do I need to waterproof my basement?

    When you acquire a house as well as move into the space, you may observe water damage or various other indications of a problem in the basement. Also if the basement does not have indicators of problems or issues with water, it can still really feel unpleasant and damp in the space, making it tough to live.

    Leaks and Drips

    At first, you might not see the leakages or the trickling due to the fact that it might not constantly have clear and also noticeable signs of a problem. When you do see the issue, having a water-proof basement provides you comfort that the damage to your home is limited.

    Flooding in the Basement

    Flooding stems from a selection of various scenarios. It may take place inside from a damaged or broken pipeline. In this situation, you intend to turn off the water to your residence and also fix the trouble while you tidy up the flood.

    Flooding also happens externally from a tornado or flooding in your location. In this circumstance, you may need to wait on the tornado to pass prior to you begin attending to the flooding in your home.

    Damages to Your Property

    No matter of the amount of water in your basement, it might cause damage to your home if you do not water resistant the basement. By waterproofing the basement, you reduce the risk of serious damages or the problems that may occur from water damages to your building.

    What can I do when my basement leaks after it rains?

    It relies on where the leak is and also how much water leakages. A suggested first step is to contact a regional engineer and also them evaluate your basement. For small amounts of moisture/water, the concrete walls as well as floor can be repainted with a sealing paint like DryLock. There is unique caulking to use at the seam/crack where the walls satisfy the floor. This aids on the within. Outside, you’ll need to check the slope of the land against your house. You might need to alter the slope to motivate the water to move away from your residence. A specialist landscape design business can be valuable here.

    Many can help with drainage problems. You most likely require to have it examined by a specialist if you have more than a thin film of water finishing your floor or wall surfaces.

    How can you make sure your basement stays dry?

    One way that assists is utilizing a dehumidifier. I recommend going large, so you don’t have to empty it as commonly. You can also get dehumidifiers that drain themselves, yet you have to belong for the water to go.

    Remember to get a mold therapy as required, if your basement is damp.

    Eliminating the dampness is an actual imperative for a house owner (or even a renter). The damages that can be caused by mold and mildew is rather distressing. Not just does that reason health and wellness dangers, however it likewise causes building damages, as well as can injure your homes resale worth.

    If you’re an occupant, you can get the person you are renting from to use a dehumidifier if the basement perspires. This is specifically true if it is developing a mold issue. That is, provided the health and wellness issues brought on by mold and mildew. You most likely might urge them to repair it, provided the desire to maintain the worth of their home.

    How do you repair a flooded basement?

    Safety measures

    Try to remove the water out of the basement promptly. Look for the safety and security actions like check for the harmful pets as well as insects like serpents, spiders, and reptiles.


    Open the home windows in your basement and throughout your house to reduce smells and lower wetness levels. You can additionally rent followers as well as blowers to move air right into your basement.

    Determine the real root cause of flooding

    Examine the causes of flooding. You need to call the specialist for resolving your water problems if flooding is due to leaking pipes. If it results from any type of various other problem, make certain that it won’t take place again. Or else, it may be dangerous to the entire structure due to the fact that the basement is the foundation for the structure.

    Mold and mildew avoidance

    It aids to eliminate the added dampness from the basement, aids in faster drying out, and also protects against mold development. You can dry the walls and also then paint them to prevent any fungal development on wall surfaces of the basement.

    Install an effective waterproofing system

    You need to install sump pumps and water drainage systems for your basement. An effective waterproofing system helps you in the elimination of excess water from your basement.

    Contact Us For A Free Inspection

    We're a family-owned and operated business that understands our customers' needs. We provide affordable, long-lasting water solutions to the Washington area. If you have noticed a strange odor or mold in your home, call us at (206) 309-5147 to schedule a free crawl space inspection today.

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      Crawl Space Drainage Systems

      Your crawl space must stay dry for your home's systems to function correctly. If water gets into your crawl space, it can soon invade your home and cause mold and mildew growth. Water can also cause foul smells, poor air quality, and even structural damage.

      Fix Your Crawl Space For Good

      With our conditioned crawl space services, you can seal your crawlspace air vents from cold winter air and moisture.

      Crawl Space Encapsulation

      The Perma Dry Waterproofing Clean And Dry Liner System is a heavy-gauge, 4-ply scrim-reinforced plastic liner (like a pool liner) encapsulation product. This crawl space sealer is securely fashioned to foundation walls and sealed at all edges and overlaps to seal off the moisture from the rest of your home. Non-flammable and coated with an anti-microbial sealant, your home will be dryer, cleaner, and healthier from the ground up.

      Concrete For Crawl Spaces

      Stop "managing" your crawl space rodent and moisture problems and solve it permanently. With our unique blend of concrete for application in tight spaces, we seal all exposed dirt surfaces under your home with 3-4" inch thick permanent rigid concrete encapsulation barrier.

      Concrete is the only material to provide a 100% guarantee of rodent control while adding structural integrity to your foundation.


      Add clean and dry storage space and eliminate foul and musty odors.


      Stop moisture and moisture-related damage.

      Save heating and cooling costs and increase the value of your home.

      Eliminate rodents for good and enjoy a cleaner, healthier living environment.

      Exterior Drainage Systems

      When you live in in The Pacific Northwest, you expect a lot of rain to fall. But when your home or business develops water damage, you need a reliable way to solve the problem.

      Protect Your Property

      Don't risk water damage and harmful mold growth inside your home or business. Perma Dry Waterproofing is the right source for a new basement drainage system.

      French Drains

      Yard Drainage

      Commonly installed in wet and soggy yards to remove standing water.

      Placed In Ground

      Move water away from your home and prevent water-related damage.

      Foundation Footing Drains

      A waterproofing emulsion and drain mat are installed to keep water and damp soils from touching the wall.

      Foundation Walls

      Prevent the flow of water from entering into the basement.
      Trench/Strip Drains

      Driveway Drains

      Effectively re-route water coming down your driveway.

      Damage Prevention

      Trench drains prevent water in your home, coming from a sloped driveway.

      No matter what you call them; French drain, driveway drain, strip drain, trench drain, channel drains. Driveway drainage can safely and effectively re-route water coming down your driveway and prevent water in your home.

      There are specific considerations when determining which type of drainage system to use for your property. Will you be driving over the strip drain into the garage? What are the pitch of the driveway and what types of water volumes? Is there an existing working pipe to discharge the waters too? Can I flow the waters via gravity or do I need a durable sump pump? In what condition and finish is the surrounding driveway concrete?

      Perma Dry Waterproofing takes all these factors and more into account when creating a plan to help you solve your below-grade water problems. If you are having water problems and you want to learn more, contact us today. One of our experienced estimators will work with you to develop a repair plan.

      Outside footing drains are one solution that Perma Dry Waterproofing provides to solve wet basement, crawl space water, and foundation water problems. We safely remove soils away from the foundation to create a working space at the base (footing) of the foundation wall. The walls are cleaned, coated with an elastomeric waterproofing emulsion and then a drain mat is installed to keep water and damp soils from touching the wall.

      The drainpipe system is made of rigid and durable PVC perforated pipe. It includes filter fabric to keep the system clean. The whole system is then covered in ample amounts of drain rock. Lastly, we return the soils and landscaping to their original condition. System waters will then be re-routed to a safe location for disposal either on-site or tied into the municipal stormwater system.

      French drains are typically placed on the outside of a building's foundation to protect the basement or crawl space from taking on water. They are commonly installed in wet and soggy yards to remove standing water. French drains can also be placed on the inside of the house to protect critical areas like basements and crawl spaces. The water is then routed away from the structure where it can be discharged or re-distributed effectively via gravity or a sump pump system.

      While the basics stay the same (trench, pipe, rock), French drains are built with varying widths, depths, and materials depending on the objectives and needs of the property. Most French drains will have a few standard components.

      Proper French drains are installed below the impervious or clay layer of soils to collect the water then runs horizontally on top that cannot saturate into the ground. French drains should be placed at the lowest possible point to lower the water table around that structure.

      Satisfaction Guaranteed!

      At Perma Dry Waterproofing, we take the time to assess the problem and determine the best way to solve it. As a result, what we make dry stays dry. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our work that we offer a written guarantee to back it up.

      We had had our basement flood twice in a couple of years. Perma Dry found a poorly sealed crack in a foundation wall and repaired it beautifully. Even with huge rainstorms, we haven't had a drop of water. Highly recommended.
      Macall Gordon

      We've had several very wet storm seasons since the installation three years ago, and the basement has remained bone dry, even while water covers large parts of our yard. We've doubled the usable space in our house.
      Scott Jarol

      These folks were EXCELLENT. I mean "first class". Perma Dry delivered on their promises. I've had perfect and wonderful dryness. Nope, they didn't pay me to write this. I'm just a genuinely satisfied customer.
      John Austin

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