Your front yard acts as an appetizer for your property. Being the first thing your visitors see, it can affect how they see you as a person. Considering all of these facts, a single misplaced puddle on your lawn can give the wrong vibes to people. Hence, homeowners like you must install effective yard drainage solutions.

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Here are some easy ways you can improve your yard’s drainage:

Build A Simple Creek Bed

Creek beds are one of the easiest drainage systems to install. If done right, creek beds can also look amazing even when they dry out. Creek beds are often constructed with one end facing a water source like roof gutter pipes, and the other facing the lowest part of the property.

In simple words, its job is to direct water somewhere where it can’t do any damage. It can effectively prevent water puddles by giving the water an exit out of your yard. When building a creek bed, make sure that it is not directed to someone else’s property. Also, check your local public office to make sure that creek beds are legal in your area.

Beautify Your Yard With A Rain Garden

A rain garden is a section of your yard that is lower than its other parts and often enclosed by rocks and filled with plants. It acts as a catch-basin for rainwater what may otherwise turn into puddles. Rain gardens usually don’t collect water by themselves. So it is crucial to build it together with other water directing systems such as a creek bed.

When building a rain garden, it is ideal to choose native plants with deep roots and excellent water resistance. With a rain garden, you no longer have to worry about watering your plants as nature will do this for you. Beware, however, of grass overgrowth in your garden.

Use An Underground Drainage Pipe System

A drainage pipe system is a more modern approach to your yard drainage problems. Compared to the first two, a drainage pipe system uses materials not found in nature. To build your pipe drainage, position the inlet to a major source of water and place the outlet somewhere lower.

Ideal underground drainage should be sloped at least 1/8 inch per foot. Make sure also to cover the buried drainage with gravel to support it against any weight.

Construct A French Drain

A French drain is a level-up version of the drainage pipe system. Instead of using a smooth pipe, the French drain uses a perforated kind of pipes. This means that moisture stuck away from the inlet of the tube can still be drained. To make it even more effective, you can cover the buried pipe with gravel to make it easier to for water to enter.

Another difference between a French drain and a yard drainage pipe system is that the latter does not need an outlet. With it being surrounded by wholes, the water collected by it is evenly distributed into the soil it is buried on.

Find Someone Who Can Build You A Dry Well

A dry well is a relatively large whole on the ground used to collect rainwater to help disperse it on a single location. Special dry well barrels are specifically designed to do this job. They are built with heavy-duty plastic materials that make them immune to the environment.

A dry well requires a considerable amount of digging to construct. Without proper care, you can end up damaging your yard than helping it. Here at Permadry Waterproofing Seattle, we offer top-notch yard services to make your property look its best. We specialize in preventing water damage in properties, including preventing water puddles from accumulating and more. If you wish to learn more, call us now at (206) 309-5147.