If you own or rent a home, there’s a chance you have to deal with a silent predator. It’s called moisture and humidity. It can come up through your concrete, rock, or even directly through the soil to make mold happen. It can just make things soggy and unusable. Here are several great ways to help prevent and make things better in your basement garage.

Try Waterproofing Paint First

One easy way to help prevent moisture from seeping through, especially if you have a concrete wall or concrete block, is Snoqualmie basement waterproofing paint. Anytime you’re going to have anything close to the border, it’s a good idea to put a layer of waterproofing paint. Whether you have a workshop or just a plain garage, this is a great way to prevent humidity from seeping in. If you have crawl space under your house, it’s usually a tight space. Many times its just open dirt. It can be a good idea to put a barrier of plastic over it. This plastic will help some of that moisture in the ground from rising and getting into the house. That’s a great way to help put a layer between your dirt and your home.

Everybody’s home has hot water and cold water piping. If you’re dealing with a high humidity situation already, it’s a good idea to check on your pipes. If your cold water is not covered, there’s a good chance that that cold will help the humidity in the air to condense and form water droplets that make a mess in your walls. Make sure you go to check all your pipes. Make sure all the cold water pipes are covered and well not leaking. Mainly the covering should protect your lines so that condensation doesn’t form. It’s also a great idea to check the drainage tube from the HVAC system. The HVAC system can get quite cold and condense water too. It’s a good idea to check around all of your piping for your HVAC. If there is a leak, it can be releasing cooler, hot, humid air into your garage or basement area. It’s a good idea to get some HVAC foil tape.

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Look At The Exterior

Another way to combat moisture inside your house is to look at the exterior of your home. You need to look at the ground level and see exactly which way it’s sloping. Sometimes it’s easy to see, and sometimes it’s not. Get your level and check with the level and make sure that it is sloping away from the house. If it’s sloping toward the house, you may need to do some groundwork so you can get that ground sloping away. It will drain more of the water away from home.

Of course, you need to check your gutter system first. You need to make sure it is draining correctly and is flowing away from the house. Just like the ground, it could be uneven. It would help if you made sure that this is also falling away from your home. Once you’ve taken care of all the usual suspects, some places have high humidity. For example, a garage might need to have a dehumidifier inside to take care of some of the moisture in the air. Make sure you do some research, and you probably can use a dehumidifier in your garage or basement or your workshop. A dehumidifier can be important for EV car charging. If you have a EV car charger installed in your garage you might want to consider installing a dehumidifier as well.

Try A Water Stop

If you happen to have a severe leak like water pouring in, another option you might want to consider is a water stop. Now, this stuff will go right into the crack. If your basement is underwater, this works to dry in about three to five minutes. At least initially, get the water to stop. Make sure you wear gloves because they can cause severe burns. You may use some of this in a wall crack. Hopefully, it can cure that problem and prevent all the water from getting inside.

Suppose you have a severe leak, like water running along the floor. There is an option that you could go with. It’s a floor gutter-type system. Imagine a gutter for your floor. It adheres to the floor and directs the water in a specific area. Whether you’re going pills online a sump pump or maybe just out to the main drain, it is a little on the expensive side, and it requires a professional to install it. I’ve seen it done in basements where they completely renovated the whole basement. It was precise because they had this gutter system along the floor, and they were able to turn again into a much nicer living space versus having just a wet, damp floor all the time.

Don’t Forget The Weep Holes

Keep in mind that you have to drill a couple of weep holes in your concrete or your concrete block to get this to work. Just keep that in mind and make sure you go check it out. When it comes to humidity and water leakage, a number of these things helped out a ton. I hope you can use some of these tips and tricks in your area so that you can utilize the most space of what you have.