Preventing water from accumulating in your yard is an essential part of maintaining your home. However, this task can be challenging even when you install the best or priciest drainage systems. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve the efficiency of your yard drainage.

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Here are some easy ways you can maximize your current yard drainage system: 

How To Improve Your Yard Drainage

Make Sure Water Flows Away From Your Home

Besides allowing the pooling of rainwater, inadequate yard drainage can pose other threats to your property. One significant danger would be compromised foundations due to water erosion. You need to make sure that your yard maintains a positive surface drainage away from your foundations. 

Positive surface drainage means that soil, gravel, mulch, or plantings always slope away from your foundations. They should not cover the sides of your property to prevent the accumulation of moisture.

Avoid Blocking Drainage Routes

Many homeowners hate how yard drainage routes damage the façade of their properties. So, to minimize this issue, they use fixtures, planters, or other structures to hide their drainage systems. However, doing so can cause blockages that will ruin the efficiency of your drains. 

Covering your drain routes can facilitate the accumulation of dirt or garbage. This can clog your entire drainage system, which may cause pooling on different parts of your property. So, although visually appealing, covering your drainage routes is often not worth it in the long-term.

­­­­­­­Direct Downspouts To Lower Parts Of Your Property 

Downspouts help guide the flow of water from your roof to your drains. Extending them closer to your central water intake and lower parts of your property causes less soil erosion. You should also remember that your downspouts should drain away from your foundations. You also need to clean your gutters occasionally by removing debris like leaves or dirt.

Install French Drains In Your Yard

You can take advantage of French drains to maximize your drainage systems. French drains are composed of perforated pipes buried under drainage gravels and directed towards a dry well. These types of drains make use of the ability of soil to receive and hold large amounts of water. French drains themselves can look appealing if you design them correctly.

Adjust Back-Pitching Hard Surfaces

Check for and adjust hard-surfaces that are sloping towards your property. These surfaces may include walks, stoops, driveways, and patios. Finding a ‘back-pitching’ hard surface is a big issue as they are harder to correct than soft surfaces such as soil. 

We recommend that you involve construction companies in this process. Although costly, doing so will reduce the risk of you compromising other parts of your home. You can also find companies that use high-tech equipment to get the perfect slope for your property. We at Permady Waterproofing Seattle can also help you waterproof these surfaces to make sure that no invisible leaks will direct water to your house.

Install Inlet Basins Or Channel Drains

If you have no budget to correct a ‘back-pitching’ hard surface, your option would be inlet basins or channel drains. You can install channel drains around your home to redirect water to lowers parts of your property. This type of drain can be a cheaper but almost as equally effective alternative to regarding a whole section of your yard.

Make Run-Off Water Your Friend

Now that you have a highly efficient yard drainage system, you can turn previously undesirable water into a useful commodity. You can retrofit your drainage system to direct rainwater to a storage system such as a well or barrel. You can then use this stored water to water your plants when dry seasons arrives. 

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