Our homes can hide dangerous stuff without us ever noticing them. One part of our home that is most susceptible to this issue crawl spaces. Crawl space is an enclosed space under your home, or between your roof and ceiling. Being hidden from sight makes it welcoming to pests such as rodents and molds.

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Getting rid of crawl space molds and rodents can be challenging for people that have no experience in it. Winging it can sometimes result in you making the problem worse. To help you out, here are some step-by-step guides to get rid of crawl space molds and rodents:

Getting Rid Of Crawl Space Rodents

Step 1: Locate Infestations And Breeding Grounds

The easiest way for you to locate where rodents hide in your home is by following (unfortunately) their feces. Rodents often hide in invisible parts of your crawl space, so don’t miss any area of your crawl space. The sounds they make when running can help you locate where rodents are hiding in your home.

 Many rats will squeeze through these tiny holes. When you find the holes, patch them with wire mesh and spackling paste. It is essential to stop rats from entering the house.

Step 2: Place Rat Traps Or Poison

After locating the areas where rodents usually are in your crawl spaces, it is time for you to place traps. You can choose between poison or spring traps to catch these pests. When handling rat poison, make sure to wear proper protective gear such as gloves and face masks. Lastly, peanut butter is an excellent bait for rodents as they love the smell of peanut oil.

Step 3: Locate And Seal Holes Rodents Enter

Rodents often enter your house through holes in your walls or floorings. Look for wirings such as telephone, or electric whiles that may give rate opportunities to invade your home. Once found, use a sealant glue or mesh wires to cover these holes.

Step 4: Remove Any Sources Of Food

The best way to prevent rodents from coming back to your home is by removing their source of food. Rodents almost only infest a house to get some food. Use tightly sealed trash cans to separate leftover food from your general garbage. Make sure also wholly to clean your sink every time you use it. Lastly, cover any food you do not intend to put into your refrigerator.

Getting Rid Of Crawl Space Molds

Step 1: Locate Mold Growth

Molds often grow in damp or humid places. The first place you should look for molds in your crawl spaces are areas that often get wet. One example of these areas is where your air conditioning often condensates. After searching, either take a mental note or list down every area with mold that you find.

Step 2: Scrape Off Pieces Of Molds

Using a kitchen knife or a putty knife, scrape off the large chunks of mold on your crawl space. You must wear a face mask during this process. Molds often release spores that are harmful to humans, most notably those with asthma or weak immune systems.

Step 3: Use Cleaning Agents To Remove Stains

After removing the molds, you will notice that some stains are left on the surface. You need to remove these stains, not just because they are an eyesore, but also because they may propagate the return of the molds. Use acids that are available in your home can be enough for this job. You can even use vinegar if that is all you have.

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