Basement rodents bring disease and destruction to every house they invade. They can also cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to get them out. Learn how you can finally deal with these pesky critters with these simple tricks you can do at home. As a bonus, you may even love with trick number seven.

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Search And Destroy Entry Points

One of the first things you need to do to get rid of rodents is preventing new ones from coming in. The best way for you to do this is to look for every hole, crack, and crevice that these pests can enter. Large door or window gaps can also act as entry points.

Rodents have the amazing ability to squeeze into incredibly tiny holes. Forgetting to cover a single 1-inch hole can undermine your attempt to get rid of them. So, make sure to look for old pipes or light sockets that rodents can also wiggle through.

After findings these entry points, cover them with strong materials such as metal sheets, or cement. Keep in mind that the powerful teeth of these animals can destroy even the toughest woods or rubber. You can also use steel wool to plug holes as rodents hate chewing this stuff.

Tom Did It Right With Traps

We grew up watching Jerry make a fool out of Tom by walking past the latter’s mouse traps. However, in real life, this is rarely ever the case. Mouse traps are actually great in attracting and catching pesky rodents in our homes. It, however, can be time consuming considering the rate at which rats reproduce.

If you catch a single mouse each day, the rats in your home could have replenished their population by the end of the week. So, when using mouse traps, use as many as you can. Make sure also to use the right type and size of mouse traps depending on the severity of you infestation.

You can choose from wooden spring traps, glue traps, electric mouse traps and more. It would be best to use a combination of these traps to increase your chances of catching every last rat.

Feed Them Well

The best way to eliminate rats is to give them the best foods. It sounds counterintuitive, right? That is because the whole sentence should be; the best way to eliminate rats is to give them the best foods on baits. Homeowners, often make the mistake of using anything they can find in their kitchen cabinets.

When looking for a great rat bait, keep in mind that they love two things; nuts, and high-calories. If you have peanut butter in your cupboards, then you have with you the best mouse bait you can have. Fried dishes can also be effective. So, set aside some of those bacon bits whenever you cook them.

Rats, being nesting animals, are also attracted to nesting materials such as feather and cotton balls. However, you should only use these materials if food no longer works. Some rats are clever enough to find ways to run off with your bait without triggering your trap. A pro-tip when bating rodents is to tie or glue your bait on your trap.

Place Your Traps Correctly

Rodents travel inside your home in a predictable manner.  You can use this advantage by placing your traps in places you most often see them. Rodent rubbings and droppings can also show you great places where you can setup traps. When using spring traps place them perpendicular and with the trigger close to a wall. Doing this simple step can prevent rats from running towards your trap from the wrong direction.

Poison Them Only If You Can Handle It Well

Using poison traps can be dangerous if you handle them wrong. Avoid using powder or liquid poisons that are not provided with their own bait stations. The reason for these is that children and pets may accidentally touch and eat these poisons. We recommend that you get the help of a professional when handling rodent poisons.

Rodents Hate A Clean Counter

Rats, although voracious, eaters can survive with as little as 3 to 4 grams of food per day. Make it a habit to clean your home every day. Use vacuum cleaners to suck up unnoticeable food crumbs in your carpets and floors. You can also use sealed garbage containers for your food wastes. However, make sure to use ones made with tough materials as rodents are known to chew their way through plastic garbage bins.

Rodent Elimination: It’s Not Just What’s Inside That Counts

Cleaning the inside of your home is only half of the battle. Rats can build a home in your backyard waiting for the day that you drop your guard; and when that day comes they’ll take every chance they find to get back inside your house. Get rid of any piles of junk that you can near your home. If you have a tool shed, apply to it the same steps that you did above.

Get A Cat Or A Dog

Cats are an obvious way to reduce the population of rodents in your home. Besides, being eaten by our feline friends, rats also avoid homes where their natural predator lives. Many people are unaware that dogs are equally as good as cats in catching rodents. So, if you are not a fan of cats, a dog can also do the trick. Lastly, make sure to fully vaccinate your cats or dogs to make sure that they do not get any disease from killing rats.

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