Your driveway experience extreme wear and tear. So you should wonder once cracks start appearing on the surface. You’re probably wondering, “What does this have to do with needing drainage for my driveway?” The thing is, besides your car driving through it every day, your driveway experience just as much damage from something you would never expect, water.

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If left on its own, water can erode the surface of your driveway, creating uneven surfaces or worse large cracks. The best way to prevent this issue is to plan ahead of it. The water management system of your home should include a well-designed driveways drainage system.

Why Should I Prevent Water Accumulation In My Driveway?

Most homeowners and business owners often disregard installing drainage systems to their driveways. The reason for this is that some of them are unable to see the damage a single puddle of water can do. However, this is the same reason many driveways last shorter that than they are made to be.

One example of a minor issue that may ultimately ruin your driveways is tiny cracks in your pavement. Concrete driveways often act like sponges that absorb considerable amounts of water whenever it rains. Although invisible, this accumulated water can expand and shatter your driveway when winter arrives.D

iscoloration is also a common problem of driveways that lack proper drainage systems. Accumulated water is often accompanied by dirt and other materials that can be absorbed by your pavement. Once absorbed, this dirt can stain your driveways, ruining the aesthetics of your home. For asphalts, accumulated rainwater can quickly discolor it over some time.

Another issue with letting water accumulate on your driveway is the growth of fungi, weeds, and sometimes mold. Some varieties of fungi can discolor your driveway. Weeds, on the other hand, are both an eyesore and damaging to your driveway. Weeds, although small, can force their way through cracks forcing the latter to widen.

Molds are the worst among the three. They grow in damp to wet surfaces causing impossible to remove stains. They are also a significant health threat, most especially to persons with compromised immunities or weak respiratory systems. Furthermore, if your driveway is close to your basement, the lack of drainage can also cause dampness on the latter. If there are two things that molds love the most, it would be moisture and darkness.

Components of Proper Driveway Drainage

Now that you are familiar with the most common reasons why you should install a drainage system to your driveway, you should now learn what you should consider making an excellent driveway drainage system. Here are the three things to consider when installing a proper drainage system:

The Shape Of Your Property

When constructing your drainage system, consider the shape, angle, and position of your property. You must know the height of your driveways. The reason for this is for you to prevent the mistake of directing run-off water towards your property.

You should also consider the location of your home to plan where to direct the exit of your drainage properly. One issue that can arise in not doing so is accidentally pointing your exit to your neighbor’s property. This mistake will not only get you tagged as a bad neighbor but also result in you spending money to reconstruct your drainage.

The Type Of Drainage to Use

There are several types of drainages that you can install in your driveway. Each of these types has its own pros and cons. The three most common types would be underground pipes, trenches, and channels.

Perforate pipes can be hidden underground to provide your home with a way to redirect water. A bonus point would be that, it being hidden, means that it does not affect the design of your home. Trenches, on the other hand, are simpler and easier to construct. However, they are often hard to design beautifully. Lastly, channels filled with rocks can both act as drainage and design of your lawn. If done improperly, however, it can result in smaller puddles that can eventually make things worse.

Constructing your driveway drainage can save you money. However, DIY projects often are of lower quality than getting a professional to do it for you. Permadry Water Proofing Seattle can help you get the services of top-notch driveway drainage builders. We can also protect your basement with our excellent basement waterproofing services. To learn more, set an appointment with us now!