Prevent water build under your home with quality services from Crawl Space Professionals.

Your crawl space under your home may be the last place you would think there could be a home repair issue to deal with, but your crawl space is a major and integral part of your home. You live, sleep, and enjoy the comforts of your home over your crawl space every day.  Keeping the space dry, neat and clean  to prevent water, moisture and mold issues in your home is just as important as closing the front door in the winter time….it just makes common sense.

Wet Basement Repair Kent

Where does crawl space water come from?

Crawl spaces typically take on water from only two sources; the roof drain pipes (or lack there of) or seasonal rain driven ground water.  Either the roof drainage around the property has failed, clogged or broken and water from the roof leaks around the foundation entering the crawl space. In this case new roof water downspout tight lines should be installed and your crawl space restored from the water damage.

Crawlspace Water in Bellevue, Seattle & Tacoma

The more common issue in the Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma crawl spaces is seasonal rain water that  saturates our yards and soils around our homes. Ground water has no where to run except under your house. Don’t believe what you read on the  internet! Funny to say as we post this on our  blog, but grading soils and adding yard  drainage and all the helpful hints and tips typically don’t do the trick. Most crawl spaces will  benefit most from a properly installed full perimeter interior crawl space drainage system  with a gravity fed discharge line leading away from the house (or sump pump).

Once your crawl space is dried out, new plastic and insulation can be re-installed with peace of mind that the process will not have to be repeated. All our workmanship is backed by a long term company guarantee to ensure your home and families health.

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